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Picture of Lina Audi & Joy Asfar in Patmos in 1989.
30 years later, we launched together with Liwan the first conscious collaboration of The Forward Lab: Liwan Forward

Liwan was founded by Lina Audi, Christine Bergstrom and Dina Haidar.
Lina Audi is the creative mind behind the brand. She has been designing modern and luxurious pieces inspired by the past and adapted to the present thanks to ancestral savoir-faire of artisans of the middle-east.
Liwan has been following the principles of an ethical brand since its beginning, 20 years ago, making them a quiet and understated pioneer in sustainable fashion.

Sustainable fashion’ — what does it mean to you?
Sustainable means designing essentials, basic and timeless pieces.
At Liwan, we work with this principle:
80% local production | 10-20% from around the world
Quality is also an essential factor of sustainability: you should be able to keep the piece forever and even pass it on.

What item of your wardrobe do you wear the most?
Of course, I mostly wear Liwan: pant and shirt either cotton, wool or silk.
I like to accessorize it with various scarves and the Liwan sandals in the summer.

Key to an elegant look?
Fit, timeless, comfortable, appropriate and adapted to the moment and climate.

One advice to be more environmentally conscious?
Respect and be attentive to others: humans, animals and nature

One recent change you made to be more environmentally conscious?
Reducing plastic and chemicals in my household consumption…
Wherever I am, I consume local food and only buy from environmentally focused producers.

Your idea of happiness?
Contemplate and enjoy the moment.

A motto in life?
*Do what you love* Love what you do*

Best advice you’ve been given?
Not to worry of my tendency to be by choice often politically incorrect…

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