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5 minutes with Àcheval during Paris Fashion Week

October 4, 2021By Francine Heath

Co-founders Sofia Achaval de Montaigu and Lucila Sperber answered our quickfire questions about upcycling, sustainability and inspirations as they prepared to present on the official schedule.

How would you describe ÀCHEVAL your label to a newcomer?

ÀCHEVAL is a ‘gaucho’-inspired brand produced in The Pampas for the world.

What (or who!) inspires your designs?

Our designs take inspiration from archives of the pampas, the Gauchos and the equestrian world of more than 100 years old, and the icons of Argentina for the modern world. For the SS22 collection, our main inspiration is Diego Armando Maradona.

What is the concept behind #KeepMoving and what sparked the idea behind it?

Keep Moving is about reducing stock by repurposing, upcycling and circularity. The Pandemic actually sparked the idea behind it.

How well has it been received?

Very well, we are already working with several retailers and on our e-commerce.

Do you think Circularity is something that consumers and wholesalers are ready to fully embrace?

Yes – slowly working towards it.

Upcycling is also a key part of your brand’s DNA. Can you explain why and how?

A key concept from the beginning was to use upcycled fabrics, along with promoting artisanally made products and protecting fair conditions of work.

Your clothes are produced in a local textile factory in the Pampean region. Why is this important and what impact does this have?

They are produced in the greenest country of South America – Uruguay – and the impact is huge as the artisanal way of working shows in every detail.

Each new collection is so timeless and versatile. What’s the key to designing with longevity in mind?

Our key objective is to be timeless and versatile. That’s why we work with silhouettes that are seasonless and many of them are unisex.

Can you reveal anything about your upcoming collection for Paris Fashion Week?

Yes! Part of the collection is a love letter to Diego Armando Maradona during his first years at Napoli during the ‘80s.

Has any thought gone into the sustainability of your presentation?

Always using upcycled fabrics. Plus we’ve collaborated with Warmi, a B certified company from the North of Argentina, for the Ponchos and scarves.

What do you think needs to happen for fashion to have a brighter future?

Find new ways of producing and commercialising.

What does the term ‘sustainable fashion’ mean to you?

Activating different tools that make each step a little bit more green.

What’s next for ÀCHEVAL?

To keep growing organically and keep creating desirable pieces.

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