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Munthe Copenhagen Spring 2022 Collection

August 12, 2021By Francine Heath

From Nordic wildflower prints to refreshed ‘70s silhouettes, MUNTHE’s SS22 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week made a case for modern wardrobe heroes with serious style mileage.

Take a moment to think of your favourite movie, book or song – whatever it is, it’s something that you return to over and over, right? That’s because it holds value, as should anything we choose to wear. This need to view our clothes as ‘favourite things’ is an important message to drive home when it comes to debunking a toxic relationship with throwaway fashion, and it’s why MUNTHE’s Spring Summer ‘22 collection is filled with modern wardrobe heroes to keep hold of. These pieces are not brief encounters or fleeting romances. They’re purposefully designed to be lasting loves.

MUNTHE believes that the key to building a more environmentally conscious closet is to invest in more timeless styles that are easy to keep fresh with new and unexpected outfit combinations (which is where Whering’s ‘Dress Me’ styling tool might come in handy.) To back up the brand’s belief, the SS22 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week demonstrated a host of ways that these new classics can go beyond conventional pairings. We saw leopard spots teamed with heritage checks, bold colours layered over equally bold prints, and retro stripes with speckles. 

The digital presentation, which took inspiration from entertaining, playful and “weird” ‘90s music videos, put forward four overarching themes. ‘The Perks of Being a Wildflower’ showcased hand-painted prints influenced by unassuming blooms in Nordic fields – melancholy thistle, blue poppy, orange rattle and so on. ‘Denim Durable’ shone a light on one of the most reliable (and perhaps most worn) materials in our closets, while ‘The Casual ‘70s Crew’ pinned Jane Birkin and Debbie Harry as muses, but when they were at their most relaxed instead of at Studio 54. Lastly, ‘Trim The Fringes’ offered up an attempt to make a trend more thoughtful, “it’s less about fringe for fringe’s sake, and more about refinement over clever accents,” explains the brand.

Of course, the most important part of designing these modern wardrobe heroes goes beyond aesthetics. That’s why Founder and Director Naja Munthe made sure that the clothes feel as beautiful as they look – after all, if something isn’t comfortable, you’re never going to reach for it. Natural fabrics lead the way in the lineup, including breathable organic cottons, buttery leathers, soft silks and responsibly sourced viscose.

While they play an important role, considered fabrics aren’t the only part of the brand’s sustainability strategy. A central part of its commitment revolves around the responsible management of its supply chain. Prioritising a relationship of trust with suppliers, each one is aligned with MUNTHE’s ‘Code of Conduct’, which covers everything from safety in the workplace to no forced or child labour. Transportation of goods by air is reduced to a minimum too, with trains selected as the preferred mode of transport.

As is the story for a lot of fashion brands out there, MUNTHE recognises that becoming the most sustainable version of itself is an ongoing journey, but one it’s not willing to give up on. “We are passionate about finding ways to be socially and environmentally responsible in everything we do, from investing in the communities at the heart of our production to creating innovative ways to tackle the most pressing issues faced by our industry,” says the label. The last word goes to Naja, who remains positive about inspiring change and continuing to do what she loves in the future, “optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

Images courtesy of MUNTHE



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