Completed Works

Scrunch Earrings


Scrunch offers a new vision for everyday earrings, one that blends the unusual and left-of-centre with silhouettes of pure elegance. Somewhere way back in the design process an actual fabric scrunchie was involved – its imprint remains, lending unexpected contours and a subtle cacophony of pattern and texture. The piece is part of the Fold collection. The flowing contours of the pieces in Fold reference the way drapery has been used by painters to convey movement since the Renaissance.


The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in sterling silver and plated in 18ct yellow gold vermeil. The height of the piece is 38mm, its width is 27mm and its depth is 7mm.
Good to know
* Made in solid sterling silver
* Ethically sourced materials
* It is certified in accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973