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4 must-read books to live more sustainably

April 20, 2022By joy asfar

If you’re new to sustainability and want to know where to start for information you can trust, we've put together a selection of books to inspire you to live more sustainably. 

by Mike Berners-Lee

From a text message to a war, from a Valentine’s rose to a flight or even having a child, How Bad are Bananas? gives us the carbon answers we need and provides plenty of revelations.

By talking through a hundred or so items, Mike Berners-Lee sets out to give us a carbon instinct for the footprint of literally anything we do, buy and think about. He helps us pick our battles by laying out the orders of magnitude.

by Michael Braungart and William McDonough

In this visionary book, the authors put forward a manifesto for a radically different philosophy of environmentalism.

Moving away from the standard “cradle to grave” manufacturing model dating back to the Industrial Revolution that we still follow today, they propose that instead of minimising waste, we should be striving to create value. This is the essence of Cradle to Cradle: waste need not to exist at all.

by Tara Button

Tara Button has become a champion of a lifestyle called ‘mindful curation’ – a way of living in which we carefully choose each object in our lives, making sure we have the best, most classic and longest lasting, instead of surrounding ourselves with throwaway stuff and appliances with built-in obsolescence.

There are 10 steps to master mindful curation and each is explained in this book.

by Martin Dorey

Litter on our streets, plastics in our seas, overflowing landfills… Do you know where your rubbish ends up?

Expert environmental campaigner Martin Dorey looks at what we recycle, what we bin, what we take to the tip – plastics, food, clothing, electricals and furniture – where it goes and what it really does to our planet.

Martin offers simple, impactful ways – #2minutesolutions – to cut down your waste and why they make a big difference.


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