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A Forward Thinking Platform

Welcome to The Forward Lab. Forward in name and forward thinking in nature. This is content-led retail with a conscious approach for the modern consumer. A considered space that brings a balance of aesthetics and ethics, showcasing brands where you no longer have to sacrifice style for substance.

Our Story

As we ride this new (and very welcome) wave of conscious consumerism, we’re all becoming increasingly scrupulous over every purchase. Needless to say, efficacy and aesthetics are still front and centre in every decision. But beyond that basic requirement, there is a new set of obstacles a brand must tackle – it must align with our personal moral code.

In a world of abundance, The Forward Lab not only curates an edit of the best in fashion, design and lifestyle products made to last but also shines a light on innovative pioneers and leaders doing things differently.

So, what’s new about our approach? Half content, half retail, The Forward Lab is as much about storytelling as it is about shopping. This is the new era of conscious consumerism. A space to shop and learn, to make better choices without compromising on the experience or the end result.

Meet Joy

A journey of self-discovery began living and working in Paris, London and Barcelona. An acute awareness of the growing throwaway city culture. Seeking a space to explore, educate and shop for the modern urban woman.

No quick fix. Joy struggled to find a platform that spoke to her. A woman who cares about style, impact, storytelling, in equal measure. Her ambition? To create a platform full of colour, vibrancy, a lifestyle full of stories to explore, learn, and shop from. A platform that speaks to the fast paced city life that so many of us know and love. Joy operates from a place of curiosity and a strong desire to create and curate the best products, ideas and news for a considered and low impact life.


While defining sustainability isn’t always easy, we exist to inspire better ways of doing things. Find out what matters to us and why we champion meaningful, responsible choices at every step of the way. We aren’t perfect but we commit to evolve and grow with you, to do the best we can.