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    The power of plants & mushrooms

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As an emerging platform dedicated to sustainable living, we are building a growing community of changemaking brands and creatives. An important part of what we do is the careful curation of each partner who wishes to join, so our inbox is always open for like-minded businesses and individuals who want to join us on this journey.

‘I came across many inspiring brands that I’ve wanted to know more about but I never found the platform that brought it all together – The Forward Lab is a place where you can get ahold of the stories of the brands, meet the founders and discover their products. Curiosity is at the basis of it all.’
Joy Asfar, The Forward Lab’s founder

What's a Forward brand?

The Forward Lab is home to exclusive and independent labels. Whether firmly established or emerging, our Forward designers always have sustainability at their core. We recognise that we don’t have all the answers, but we aim to curate brands who are on the same journey as us and who share the same intention to empower more informed choices.
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