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    The power of plants & mushrooms

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The power of mushrooms and plants

with Zoë Lind van't Hof

Meet Zoe, co-founder of Wunder Workshop, a company that harvests the power of regeneratively grown plants for the ultimate wellness rituals. Discover adaptogens and their health benefits, holistic healing, the importance of our soil and the future of mycelium in the world of fashion and more.


Wunder Workshop

Zoe & Tom create products consciously crafted with ethically and regeneratively grown ingredients. At the Wunder Workshop, discover plants for the people and the planet.

Plants & mushrooms as adaptogens

Adaptogen mushroom & plants adapts to stressors of life. As an example these plants can adapt on their own to extreme weather. They’ve been used for centuries in Ayurveda and in traditional Chinese medicine. When getting on the journey of holistic healing, it’s important to find the right plant and/or mushroom. It usually takes up to 3 weeks to see the positive effect.

Holistic Healing

It started with Ayuverda and travelled to China and traditional Chinese medicine. A famous herbalist from the 11th century, Hildegard von Bingen is well-known for her knowledge of herbs. Her findings and knowledge were written and are still accurate today.

The Essence of Wunder
Consumption with Purpose

Sustainable sourcing of ingredients

Turmeric is where it all started for Zoe and that came from her travelling to Sri Lanka with her late mother. Turmeric is an incredible root which fascinated Zoe as she saw the many different uses as a young child. Zoe went to Sri Lanka to find turmeric farmers to start working with them. She eventually came across an Ayurvedic farm where they grow turmeric in the traditional way:  they mimic a biodiverse forest where everything is grown together, cacao tree, cinnamon, and all the plants feed each other. Marigold flowers work as an anti-pest. Biodiversity at its best.

The importance of soil & mycelium

Soil health is fundamental to our health and the planet’s health. Mycelium network connect all the plants with trees and other mushrooms.  Nature wouldn’t exist without mycelium said Merlin Sheldrake.

Mycelium in our world

Lab-grown mycelium has now been used in fashion as an alternative to leather. Bolt Threads has been working with brands like Adidas and Stella McCartney. Another mycelium application is to use it to break down plastic.