Building a sustainable fashion brand

with Bianca Gregg

Founder of sustainable brand Del Moment and with over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, Bianca tells us about her journey from launching a bespoke tailored agency for boutique labels globally to her own brand a couple of years later.


Del Rainbow Consultancy

Bianca’s first business launched 4 years ago with her life partner. Del Rainbow is global wholesale company as well as a consultancy. The foundational element being sustainability and working hand in hand with brands towards full transparency in their supply chains.

Del Moment - Bianca's new brand

Del Moment manifesto: ‘We created Del Moment to educate ourselves, and others—valuing progress, purpose, and people before product, always.’ With her brand, Bianca focuses on every part of the production process when it comes to sustainability and as a customer you can follow this per product with a feature they created ‘Style by Style Journey’. Follow a garment from design to packaging going through different stages such as dying, sampling, manufacturing…


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