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Let’s talk about meat

with Glen Burrows

A former 20-year vegetarian, Glen is now the co-founder of the Ethical Butcher, a disruptor in the industry only offering quality, ethically sourced meats online. Meat has long been demonised for our health or the environment. We’re going back to the basics with Glen.


Meet Glen Burrows, a former vegetarian, photographer in his former career, decided to change his diet for health reasons and adopted an omnivorous diet.

The Ethical Butcher is now an online butcher offering premium quality meat from regenerative farming and Glen is the also the voice of the Regenuary campaign in response to Veganuary.

Grass-fed. Pasture-fed. Free-range.

How to navigate the different labels? What do they all mean? Which one is good and which one shall we avoid?

Glen tells us all about it.

The positive effects of meat consumption on Glen's health

After re-introducing meat, Glen quickly started feeling much better: more energy, more strength, better digestion. Meat is full of nutrients and depriving ourselves of it can make us sick.


The idea behind Regeenuary is not to compete with Veganuary but to try eat from regenerative sources even when you’re a vegan. We will very quickly realise that it is not that easy.

Ethical Butcher x Honest Burger

Glen tells us about their partnership with burger brand Honest Burgers and what’s next for the Ethical Butcher.

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