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Using AI to shop sustainably

With Luc Berlin

Miigle + is a tech & social impact company currently building the world's largest database for socially responsible brands and using artificial intelligence to get them in front of customers who care about their mission. Luc wants to re-engineer consumerism into a force for good by empowering people to be conscious consumers and brands to be better producers.




Discover Miigle+

As a company, Miigle+ is redefining consumerism by using technology to impact consumer behaviours for the benefit of our planet. As a product, they make it easier for you to discover, shop and support products and brands making a difference. Discover their brand directory whether you’re looking for electronics, homeware, fashion and more.

Luc's tips for newbies in the sustainable space

  1. Sustainability is a journey. Give yourself the time to find brands that work for you.
  2. Just act. Start small, focus on the story of the brand. Engage with the brand.
  3. Talk about it with your friends & family. Become an ambassador.

Browser Plug-In and Miigle+ Open Forum

Brands have a dedicated page on the website and can share their mission there. Users will be, later on, able to vote for brands whether positively or negatively. The idea behind it is to create a channel of communication between the users’ and the brands so that there is accountability. To start using the browser’s extension, it’s here.