The world’s first zero waste restaurant

with Douglas McMaster

While many cooks claim to be sustainable, Douglas McMaster is a true trailblazer, squeezing every last drop out of the concept so that all aspects of his business are kind to the planet. At no point do his efforts to preserve the environment compromise the taste or appearance of his food. Meet the climate-forward chef behind the world's first 100% zero-waste restaurant.

“Waste is a failure of the imagination”
Douglas McMaster


Silo opened its doors in 2014 and is the living and breathing example of McMaster’s vision. Known throughout the food industry for his innovative and ethical practices, McMaster’s believes in a better future, one in which we can mend our broken system and eradicate food waste. Shunning all plastic, Silo requires suppliers to send produce in reusable containers, while upcycling old plastic bags into colourful plates. The team works with food that would otherwise go to waste, serving beef from retired dairy cows and composting all leftovers.

The menu read like any other trendy restaurant – smoked venison, celeriac – but that’s were the similarities end. For at Silo, they churn their own butter, mill their own ancient-grain flour and compost everything they absolutely can’t use. Silo’s concept centres around the idea of ‘not having a bin’. Its sustainability efforts don’t stop in the kitten either – food is served on plates made from recycled plastic bags and wine drunk from glasses made from melted down bottles.


Famously described by the New York Times as “the poster boy of zero-waste living“, Australian designer, floral artist, eco-warrior and champion of no-waste living Joost Bakker wants to turn our cities and suburbs into sustainable urban farms.

Watch Bakker’s Ted Talk here


50 Next ‘young people shaping the future of gastronomy. 50 Next is a new initiative launched by the organisation behind the prestigious award The World’s 50 Best and features trailblazers covering 34 countries across 6 continents.

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