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    The power of plants & mushrooms

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A delicious revolution

with Skye Gyngell

Skye Gyngell, is an Australian chef who is best known for winning a Michelin star at Petersham Nurseries. Skye is now one of Britain’s most respected and acclaimed chefs and has her own restaurant Spring which has often been noted as one of London's most sustainable and beautiful places to dine.


Alice Waters
Chez Panisse Restaurant

She is the owner of Chez Panisse, a Berkeley, California, restaurant famous for taking credit for creating the farm-to-table movement and for pioneering California cuisine, which she opened in 1971. Alice told Skye ‘At some point, you need to raise your eyebrows above the stove and look at the bigger picture.’

Petersham Nurseries

Skye and the owners of Petersham Nurseries, Gael & Francesco Boglione, came up with the concept together: ‘There was never a plan for a restaurant there, it grew organically. I’m really proud of what we have achieved. Petersham Nurseries is in a conservation area, it’s a very special place.’ Skye focused on seasonality with their own vegetable garden there. ‘It almost becomes incredibly uncomfortable to cook anything out of season’.

Spring Restaurant

‘I was really conscious of the fact that I had come from a beautiful restaurant and aesthetics to me both in the space and on the space is incredibly important to me. […] And then in terms of cooking,  I’ve always cooked in the same way: I love to start with the season, I love colour, flavour and simplicity.’

Spring was the 1st UK restaurant to become single-plastic free in 2018. They also focus on food waste with the Scratch menu which is made from the leftover of the the produce they use in the kitchen. The scratch menu is cheaper and therefore more accessible to the wider public.

Biodynamic farming

A movement started in  1924 by Rudolph Steiner. Biodynamic farming is based on the lunar calendar, the planetary movements and how they could benefit our planet.

Skye tells us ‘When you follow the lunar calendar, you have days where you plant vegetables, days where you plant flowers and you have fruit days. It is about the fertility of the soil as well as the importance of animals in the life of a farm. As the Americans say: It’s important to keep poop in the loop!’

Skye's tips on how to eat responsibly

‘The number one thing to look for is whether the products have been grown mindfully: free as possible from pesticides and fertilizers. It’s about engaging, looking around and discover what people are doing in a good way. Be curious, ask questions: how is it grown? How is it produced?’